Capture the Flag - Barton Creek Greenbelt

WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 2014

WHERE: Barton Creek Greenbelt
2201 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78746

START TIME: 1:00pm

Early Bird Registration (Before April 30): $20 
Regular Registration (May 1-May 7): $25
(All Registration Closes May 7 or Once Filled) 

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The classic game you knew as a kid returns! We'll meet at the Greenbelt Trailhead by Barton Springs Pool and split into two teams. From there, we'll hike about a mile into the Greenbelt and divide the "field." Each team will set up their flags on their side of the field - the flag must be placed on ground level (ie: not in a tree or water). The object of the game is to enter your opponent's territory and capture their flag. You win by safely transporting the flag back to you side. If you are tagged with the flag before you get back to your side, you must drop the flag and be escorted to the penalty zone. The flag must be then taken to the original location where it was set up. You may guard your flag, but may not be within 10 meters of it. If you're tagged by an opponent on their side of the field, you will be escorted to a penalty zone (you are safe on your side of the field). You can only get out of the zone by one of your teammates staging a "prison break." Any member of your team can go to the penalty zone and tag you to release you from the penalty area (if one person in the penalty area is tagged, all may go free) - you must all then go straight back to your side of the field. 

PAYMENT: To reserve your spot in this adventure full payment is required in advance through our online registration system. Select the “Sign Up Today” button and you’ll be taken to our registration page. We use PayPal but please be aware you DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay the deposit online.