Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ATX Sports & Adventures?

ATX  Sports & Adventures (ATXSA) is Austin's home to adult recreational sports and adventures trips. We love providing high quality events and experiences for all the people who proudly call Austin home. It's our goal to offer an exciting and unique way to stay active, have a great time and experience all the amazing things that Austin has to offer in an organized and fun atmosphere.

2. What sports do y’all offer?

We currently offer co-ed leagues for kickball, volleyball and flag football, men’s leagues for basketball and flag football, and co-ed tournaments for both softball and sand volleyball.

3. Where are games played?

All of our sports are played in the local Austin area, but venues differ by sport.

4. When are games played?

All of our sports leagues game times vary. A majority of league play takes place in the evening with the earliest possible game time at 6:30pm and the latest game time at 9:30pm (differs by sport). Our league nights typically run Sunday through Thursday (depending on sport and season). All of our tournaments are played on Saturday and we typically host 1-2 tournaments per month.

5. How long is the season?

Our basketball, kickball and sand volleyball leagues have a 7 game regular season with playoffs for top teams in week 8. Our flag football league has a 6 game regular season with playoffs for top teams in week 7.

6. How is the schedule determined?

The schedule is generated randomly, ensuring every team has an even number of early and late games and that every team  plays a different team each week if possible. For leagues with more than 8 teams, bye weeks and double headers will be added into the schedule to ensure every team plays a total of 7 games over the course of the season. We will also do our best to design your schedule so that your opponents are at the same skill level as you.

7. Can I request all early or late games?

If looking at the details of the league schedule you realize your team will only be able to compete during all early or all late games please make a note of that in your registration somewhere and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, we are unable to guarantee all schedule requests.

8. Where can I find rules for the league?

Rules for each sport can be found on the website through  the league's designated page.

9. What is the skill level across all leagues?

Teams typically fall under the recreational, intermediate or advanced range with some former high school experience and the occasional former college player.

10. Do we have to officiate our own games?

No! All of our leagues include trained and knowledgeable ATXSA officials and scorekeepers.

11.  Is there a prize for the winners?

The winning team will receive a league trophy/medals along with championship shirts for select leagues and tournaments.

12. Is equipment provided?

All equipment throughout all of our leagues is provided except for softball where you are responsible for providing bats, balls and gloves for your team.

13. Do you reward returning teams?

We do! Currently for all returning ATXSA kickball and volleyball teams we offer both early bird and regular registration pricing discounts. You must have played with us the season prior to qualify.

14. Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes you can. You can join our "Free Agent" list, which we will use to form teams for each league.

15. Can I transfer my registration to another player?

Yes you can. All you need to do is email us to give us the contact information and shirt size of the new competitor.

16. What if we do not have enough players to form a full team for registration?

You can all sign up as free agents, but if you would like to ensure you all play together, just let us know on your registration form or through email, and we will do our best to get you on the same team.

17. What do we do if our team is not able to make it to a game?

If you know in advance that your team will not be able to make it to a game, please let us know as soon as possible so we have enough time to let your opponent and the official know what is going on.

18. What is the policy on forfeits?

Teams have until five minutes past the designated start time to field a full squad (or the league minimum of players required according to the rules). If at that time a team is unable to field a legal team, they forfeit the game. The teams may utilize the playing field during their allotted time to play an unofficiated game. The official score will be marked as a loss with the respective forfeit score. If your team forfeits a game during the season, the following rules apply:

First Offense: Loss of game and score penalty.

Second Offense: Loss of game and ability to make playoffs.

Third Offense: Removal from the league

19. Can we add players to our roster during the season?

During the course of the regular season teams are allowed to “pick up” players that are not on their roster in order to field a full team. However, these players must sign the team waiver before playing. They must also have a team colored shirt in order to play. Pick up players can be from other teams within the league but some restrictions do apply depending on the sport. For more information on the specific rules of each sport please refer to each leagues page. For all leagues no substitutes will be allowed during playoffs and all players must have already played in at least one regular season game and are on the league roster/waiver. Sorry no ringers!

20. Is there a dress code/Can we wear our own uniforms?

All players receive a team shirt, and the shirt is to be worn during the game. However, we realize sometimes shirts get lost and we won’t keep you from playing in a league if you forget to do laundry or lose your shirt. However, each league does have penalties that will be accessed (no exceptions) for any players not in their league shirt. In our sand volleyball league players must have their shirt and wear it for 2 points after which point they can switch into “beach wear.” However if they don’t have their shirts penalties will be accessed. The only case where we don’t require wearing an ATX shirt is in our all day tournaments.

21. Can I change my shirt order?

All changes to shirt sizes and quantities must come before the end of registration of your league.

22. Can I purchase more shirts during the season?

Once the season is underway if you would like to purchase more shirts for your team, the price is $40 for each additional shirt plus a $15 fee for a special order. Specialty orders will not be ordered until paid in full and can take up to 2 weeks to receive since it’s usually just 1 or 2 shirts being purchased.

23. What is the policy on alcohol and smoking?

We do allow drinking during our outdoor games, but we ask that you please drink responsibly and respectfully. No drinking will be permitted on the court/playing field. Any alcohol must be consumed OUTSIDE the dugout and in the bleachers. Our officials reserve the right to take action if team behavior gets out of hand. Also, no glass is allowed at the park. We ask that you please leave the venue as clean as it was when you arrived, as we'd like to provide a great experience for all of our fellow Austinites. Smoking is prohibited.

24. Are Happy Hours mandatory?

While they are not mandatory, league happy hours are definitely encouraged! In addition to being a way for you to complete your registration, it gives you a fun opportunity to meet/spend time with your teammates and scope out the competition.

25. What do we do if there is inclement weather?

Please call our Rain Out line at (512) 537-1000 for the most recent update on any scheduling changes or cancellations due to inclement weather. For any league night cancellations we will update our Rain Out line, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as email all teams.

26. What is the policy if games are cancelled due to inclement weather or a maintenance issue?

For games that need to be rescheduled, we will either move those particular games to the end of the season, push the season back one week, or look to incorporate those games into another league night down the line in the form of double headers. The decision will be made based on field space and scheduling of our next season’s league. Team captains will be notified of the update via email no later than 48 hours after cancellation.

27. Where can I go to stay up to date on all ATX Sports & Adventure league updates & deadlines?

All news, updates and deadlines for our leagues can be found on our website and through our social media handles. You may also sign up to join our newsletter HERE.

28. Where can I go to find our teams schedule and league standings?

Season schedules and league standings can be found on our website under League Schedules & Standings.

29. How are the standings determined?

League standings are calculated by overall team record followed by any head to head match-ups. If teams haven’t played one another or there is a 3 way tie without a clear head-to-head winner we’ll use point differential. In volleyball this is also the case but we’ll use set differential first then point differential if needed.

30. How do I become an official or event coordinator with ATXSA?

If you are interested in joining our team as a sport official or event coordinator please visit and fill out an application.

31. What adventure opportunities do you currently offer?

This is an area that we are constantly working to improve.  We have visited ideas such as indoor skydiving with iFly, go kart racing with K1, ziplining at Lake Travis, etc.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to reach out to us!