The ATX Sports & Adventures indoor volleyball league is a social co-ed league and all players are expected to act in good sportsmanship in both a win and a loss. Our officials while trained are not professionals and are just like you so be sure to treat them with respect and you can expect the same.  In the end this should be a fun league and an outlet for some great exercise and an opportunity to meet some awesome new people!


  • All teams will play in 7 regular season games with playoffs for the top teams.  The number of playoff teams will be determined by the total number of teams in the league.  This is a co-ed league and all teams can never have more than 3 male player on the court at any one time.  If a team has either 5 or 4 players with a minimum of 2 women it will be considered a legal game.    


  • There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team’s roster provided all players have signed the teams waiver form. All team members must be in an ATX Sports & Adventures league shirt. It is the responsibility of all team captains to ensure players are in compliance with this policy. 
  • A team can start with a minimum of 4 players from their original team but can choose to pick up 1 additional substitute (the substitute must be part of the ATX indoor volleyball league for that season). If you would like to pick up a 6th player you can ask the opposing captain if they approve of the 6th member. The captain has the choice to allow the 6th player to play or not.


  • Teams are only permitted to substitute a player on their side-out.
  • Side out substitutions enter the match into the serving position.
  • Players arriving late must wait for a side-out to fill a missing position.
  • If a team illegally substitutes a player (not replaced from the right front position), that team will lose their serve immediately. All players must relocate to their original position.


  • All players participating in the playoffs must be on the official waiver/roster and have played at least 1 regular season game. If an opposing team believes one of the players on the other team hasn’t played in an official regular season game and/or isn’t on the official team roster they can protest that player but only before the game starts or before the player checks into the game should that player arrive late. Since many teams play without subs please plan accordingly and if you know one of your players won’t be there for the playoffs be sure to have a substitute on the roster.


  • If a team is unable to supply enough players for a full game or is unable to meet the minimum requirements by picking up players the team will forfeit.  In the event of a forfeit that team receives a warning and the next forfeit will result in ineligibility of the league playoffs. Forfeit scores will be recorded 25-0, 25-0.


  • All games are rally scoring.  Rally scoring simply means that a point will be awarded each time the ball is served regardless of who served it.  Each match will consist of 2 games to 25.  Each game will continue until a two point advantage is reached or until one team reaches 27.  If a 3rd game is needed it will be rally scoring to 15 points with no cap in all 3rd games.


  • All games will be officiated by league staff. 
  • Only the team captain from each team my approach the official to dispute or question a call.  In the end the call made by the official is final


  • No alcohol is allowed in the gym. Please plan on attending Bar 2211 (2211 Webberville Road) for phenomenal ATX Sports & Adventures specials.


  • Rock/Paper/Scissors will be played between the two captains, with the winner choosing to serve first or which side of the court to start on. 


  • A team can have a maximum of 6 players on the court at one time (3 male; 3 female).  The minimum number of players to begin a regulation game is 4 (2 male; 2 female).  If a team competes with fewer than 6 players, the “Ghost Rule” will be put into effect.  The team can play in any formation they wish, provided their relative positions are maintained with no more than 3 available front-row attackers/blockers.  However, when the empty position in the rotation reaches serve, the opponent will be awarded a point and a side out.  If both teams are short an equal number of players, the ghost rule will not apply.


  • Each team is allowed one (one-minute) time-out per game with no carryovers.

BALL “IN” and "Out":

  • The ball is “in” when it touches the floor of the playing court including the boundary lines.
  • A ball which hits the ceiling or overhead structure on your side and returns to your side of the court is playable.
  • A ball is “out” when the part of the ball which contacts the floor is completely outside the boundary line, touches any object outside the court, or touches the rope, post, net, antenna, etc., outside of the sidelines.
  • A ball is “out” when it hits the ceiling or overhead structure, then goes over to your opponent’s side.


  • The team is entitled to a maximum of three hits (in addition to blocking) for returning the ball. If more are used, the team commits the fault of “four hits”. The hits of the team include not only intentional hits, but also unintentional hits.
  • A player may not hit the ball two times consecutively.
  • The ball may touch any part of the body.
  • The ball must be hit, not caught and/or thrown.


  • Four hits
  • A back row player cannot leave the ground to attack a ball above the plane of the next when he is on or in front of the 10' line.
  • Catch/throw.
  • Double contact; hits ball twice or ball contacts various parts of body in succession.
  • Illegal rotation (substitutions made anywhere other then the front-right line).
  • No “prolonged contact” between the player and the ball, otherwise known as a lift. The contact should continue in one fluid motion and the ball should not come to rest at any time in that motion.


  • A player can break the plane on a spike and a block, as long as you do not interfere with the opponent.
  • A side out will occur if a player touches the ball or an opponent in the opponent’s space before or during the opponents hit.
  • Any contact with the net is a fault, except when a player not attempting to play the ball accidentally touches the net.
  • Any part of player’s body crosses completely over the center line located under the bottom of the net. (A players hands or feet may touch the line provided that some part of the hand/foot remains either in contact with or directly above the center line).
  • When the ball is driven into the net and causes it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.


  • A team earns service possession for the start of the first game by winning Rock/Paper/Scissors.
  • A legal serve is one that crosses the net and is either touched by an opposing player or lands within the opposing team's area of the court within the boundary lines. A serve that makes contact with the net and carries over to the opponent's side of the net is a live serve and must be returned.
  • No “jump” serves are allowed.
  • When the serving team wins the rally, the player who served before, serves again.
  • When the receiving team wins the rally, it gains the right to serve and rotates before actually serving. The player moves from the front right position to the back right position to serve.
  • Players on the receiving team cannot block a serve.
  • The server must not touch the end line or a “foot” fault will be called.


  • Blocking is the action close to the net which intercepts the ball coming from the opponent's side by making contact with the ball before, during or after it crosses the net.
  • A block contact is not counted as a team hit, and a team is entitled to three hits to return the ball.
  • The first hit after the block may be executed by any player, including the one who blocked the ball.


  • We enforce a “Zero Tolerance Policy” in regards to behavior of players and fans. Taunting, trash talking, or abusive language will not be tolerated. League staff will have the right to reprimand or eject players, managers, or fans depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Any rules not covered or protests will be handled by the League Staff.
  • All decisions of the League Staff are final. The League Staff shall also have the final authority to make adjustments to match schedules, match duration, and other aspects of the league in the case of weather issues.