Co-Ed 4's Sand Volleyball Tournament Rules


All teams will play 3 different pool play games in the morning. After pool play all teams will be ranked and seeded into a single elimination tournament. All games in both pool play and the single elimination tournament are to 25, win by 2, cap of 27. Teams will switch sides once the first team reaches 12.

Based on the results of the first 3 games all teams will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall record of your 3 games
  2. Total point differential of all the four matches
  3. In the case where there is a tie after these two factors we will go to a coin flip


  • A team earns service possession for the start of the first game by winning Rock/Paper/Scissors.
  • A legal serve is one that crosses the net and is either touched by an opposing player or lands within the opposing team’s area of the court within the boundary lines.  A serve that makes contact with the net and carries over to the opponent’s side of the net is a live serve and must be returned.
  • No jump serves are allowed
  • When the serving team wins the rally, the player who served before, serves again.
  • When the receiving team wins the rally, it gains the right to serve and must rotate server but does not have to rotate position on the court.
  • Players on the receiving team cannot block a serve.


  • In 4’s every player is eligible to attack the net.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 successive contacts of the ball in order to return the ball to the opponent’s area
  • Open hand dinks are illegal. An open hand allows the player to affect the direction of the ball by using fingertips in conjunction with the twist of the wrist.
  • Returning a serve with a set is illegal and must be “passed” with a bump (hands together below the wrist) or with your hands together (above the waist). All other hits may be set clean or spiked.
  • Players are not permitted to scoop, hold or lift the ball. The ball must be clearly hit.
  • There is no centerline. You may cross under the net providing that you do not contact a player from the other side or hinder their play of the ball.
  • The ball must cross the plane of the net before contact may be made unless it is the 3rd hit by the offense and the contact is made to block the shot.
  • Contact with the net is a violation. This includes contact made by hats, hair or clothing.
  • Crossing or playing over any of the ball guards is a dead ball.
  • Crossing into the other courts is a dead ball. 
  • A stray ball onto the court constitutes a replay if it comes in during play


  • Blocking is the action close to the net which intercepts the ball coming from the opponents’ side by making contact with the ball before, during or after it crosses the net.
  • A block contact is not counted as a team hit, and a team is entitled to 3 hits to return the ball.
  • The first hit after the block may be executed by any player, including the one who blocked the ball.


  • All games in the tournament will be officiated by a representative from each team. Each team will be responsible for providing a referee for 2 games in the pool play and then 1 game in the single elimination bracket.  Game officials will be decided at check in.


  • We enforce a "Zero Tolerance Policy" in regards to behavior of players and fans. Taunting, trash talking, or abusive language will not be tolerated. Tournament staff will have the right to reprimand or eject players, managers, or fans depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Beer and alcohol is permitted at Krieg Fields but no glass containers.
  • Any rules not covered or protests will be handled by the Tournament Director.
  • All decisions of the Tournament Director are final. The Tournament Director shall also have the final authority to make adjustments to match schedules, match duration, and other aspects of the tournament as may become necessary during the course of the tournament.