What is the Game:

  • Co-Ed Team Tennis is a fun and exciting way to play the great sport of tennis and have a fun time in a team environment.


Teams will consist of three male and three female players.  Each team will play three doubles matches: Men's, Women's, and Mixed against another team in the league.  Players can play up to two matches to avoid forfeiting, however at least four players (two males and two females) on each team must play in each match, i.e. a player can play in a Men's/Women's match and also play in the Mixed match. 

Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field a full squad (or the league minimum of 4 players required according to rules). If at that time a team is unable to field a legal team, they forfeit the game. After the official forfeit the teams may utilize the playing field during their allotted time to play an unofficial game but it will not be officiated. The official score will be marked as a loss with the respective forfeit score 6 – 0.

  • If your team forfeits a game during the season, the following rules apply: 

1.       First Offense: Loss of match. Score marked: 6-0
2.       Second Offense: Loss of game and lost ability to make the playoffs.
3.       Third Offense: Removal from the league.

  • If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, we encourage you contact us so we can inform your opponent. 


Each line will have 50 minutes to complete play, including the warm-up period.  If after 50 minutes the match has not been completed, whichever team is ahead when time expires will be declared the winner.

The ATXSA Coordinator will keep time for all matches.


Prior to the start of the set, players will meet at the net for a racquet spin.  One player will spin a racquet upright on the ground while another player calls “up” or “down” before it falls.  The winner of the racquet spin will have the option to serve, receive, choose a side, or have the other team make the choice.


Each match will consist of a team playing three doubles matches (one mens doubles; one womens doubles; one mixed doubles) against another team in the league.  Each match will play a six game set with no ad scoring.  After all three doubles matches have been completed, the team with the most overall games will be the winner. 

A sett is won by the team that first wins six games against their opponent by a margin of two games.  In the event of a 6-6 tie, a seven-point tiebreaker will be played.

Each game is won by the team that first wins four points (15-30-40-Game) regardless of margin (No-Ad).  In the event of a 40-40 game (“Deuce”), the receiving team will have the option of which service box they would like the serve delivered on the next and deciding point. If "Deuce" is reached in a Mixed Doubles match, the male must serve to the male, and the female must serve to the female. 

Teams will switch sides when the total number of games played is an odd number.


A seven-point tiebreaker is won by the team that first scores seven points against their opponent with a two point advantage, or the team that first scores ten points regardless of advantage.

The next person in the serving rotation will start the tiebreaker by serving one point from the deuce court.  Subsequent players in the rotation will each serve two points starting with the ad court.

Teams will switch sides after every 6 points.

Any rules not specifically mentioned here follow those set forth by the USTA.


  1. Game differential +/-
  2. Head to Head


  • All players must wear their new ATXSA League shirt. If any players are not wearing their shirt, their team will forfeit the first game of the first match of the day. If your team didn’t order enough shirts then please email immediately to purchase additional shirts.  


  • ATX Sports & Adventures tennis standings are first judged by overall record, then by game differential


  • Playoffs will be on the 7th week of the season following the last regular season game. It will consist of the top 8 teams in the league playing in a single elimination tournament.  
  • No substitutes will be allowed during playoffs and all players must have already played in at least one regular season game and are on the league roster/waiver.
  • Playoff matches will be played in the following format: All 8 teams will play their Women's doubles match. The winners will move on and play their Men's doubles match. The two remaining teams will play a Mixed doubles match for the championship.


  • We enforce a “Zero Tolerance Policy” in regards to behavior of players, managers, and fans. Taunting, trash talking, or abusive language will not be tolerated.  Abusive behavior toward the referee will not be tolerated
  • Only team captains of respective teams are allowed to approach the referee with questions or concerns in a respective manner. Teams charging the field of play to question or complain a call will be subject to automatic forfeit for that game.
  • A Yellow Card and Red card system will be implement.  If a member of a team is issued a yellow card this is to serve as a serious warning to that the player.  If a players earns a second yellow card, which leads to a red card and this player will be ejected from the current game and the following game.  If necessary the ATX Sports & Adventures league commissioner will visit the incident and will discuss with the team captain. 
  • A Red card could be issued immediately to a player that is in violation.  This will also result in immediate ejection from that game and the next. 
  • All decisions of the referee are final. The referee shall also have the final authority to make adjustments to match schedules, match duration, and other aspects of the league as may become necessary during the course of the league.


  • There will be no refunds allowed for rain delays or cancellations.  If the league is postponed due to weather, we will reschedule to a later date.  There will be no refunds if you are not able to furnish a team on the makeup date.

Inclement Weather:

  • Soccer is played in the rain if at all possible unless the referee or Facility Representative decide it is necessary to postpone due to dangerous field conditions or lightning.  If lightning occurs, all attempts will be made to resume play 30 minutes after the last lightning flash is viewed and the referee deems it safe to resume play. The games will resume as scheduled if at all possible, or shortened if necessary.